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Where to buy a bong or a vaporizer in Paris ?

Where to buy a bong or a vaporizer in Paris ?

Where to buy a bong or a vaporizer in Paris ?

Bonjour à tous cet article est en anglais car destiné à notre lectorat anglophone suite à une conversation avant hier avec un ami.

So 2 days ago I was with my dear friend Henry from Colorado.
Henry is a cannabis smoker and love to hit the bong or to use a vaporizer for cannabis once in a while.
As we were talking about the difference in between our countries he was telling me how the cannabis industry as developed itself. Growshops for indoor culture / garden à la Culture indoor as he was referring to, cannabis dispensaries and headshops.

This is when he asked me about the headshop in Paris.
He wanted to buy a bong and or a vaporizer but couldn’t find a headshop or a smart shop in town.
It’s not really true that there is no headshop as such in Paris, you have one place where you can find all the smoking gear you can dream off.
This place is therefore one of our favorite and I was surprised that H had never heard about the Le Musée du Fumeur in Paris or the smoking museum in English.

Indeed at Le Musée du Fumeur, you can find lots and lots of bong and vaporizers. This nice little shop in Paris, a private museum is also a vape shope / and a bit of a headshop.

Inside you can find brand such as Storz&Bickel, Pax, Arizer, W9tech Omircon, Magic-Flight, Grace glass bongs, black leaf bongs, and even American (David Goldstein, Steve Beer, SGW…) and French homemade bongs.

They also carry high quality gpen / vape pen and all the Oil Slick range of products for concentrates pen and stuff.
Apart from that they also do e-cigs and have a large choice of e-liquids (AlfaLiquid, TheFuu, Halo, Totally wicked, Green Vapes, and so much more! ;)

So I took H to Le Musée du fumeur to buy a bong or a vaporizer in Paris yesterday.
He was completely amazed at the choice they have. We spent like more than one hour in the shop talking to the seller and trying so many e-liquids flavors while watching at the bongs they were displaying. Such a great time and always a pleasure to go this shop.

On a side note, their museum is also quite interesting and offer a last room with a cosy coach and a Nespresso coffee machine so you can chill and vape while visiting.

A place a highly recommend if you are a 420 tourist visiting in Paris.
Actually I think it’s fair to say that it’s the first (2001) and only headshop in Paris where you can get a bong or a vaporizer.


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